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FOUR PAWS is an international animal welfare organisation committed to encouraging people to treat animals with respect, compassion and understanding. 

Since 1988, FOUR PAWS has helped wild animals kept in captivity, farm animals and pets as well as strays to the right to live a dignified life in an environment suited to their species.

With offices in over ten countries, the Foundation is working to generate sustainable improvements on political, social and economic levels. Our work is based on scientific expertise, sound research and intensive national and international lobbying. Our individual campaigns and extensive educational activities to promote awareness give animals an urgently needed voice. We run our own aid projects where we give animals a chance for a new life.

FOUR PAWS takes a problem-solving approach and offers animals in distress swift and direct aid. Our aim is to achieve and establish changes in politics, society and the economy that will benefit animals – through projects, campaigns and education.   

our projects help aNimals in distress

  • Our BEAR SANCTUARIES and partners projects in Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Kosovo, Vietnam, Bulgaria and Switzerland offer brown bears held in captivity in poor conditions a natural environment. Here, they can rediscover their instincts and act out their natural behaviour. 
  • Big cats in captivity often suffer under catastrophic keeping conditions. LIONSROCK (South Africa) gives them a home suitable for their species. Here, lions and other feline predators live almost as in the wild.  
  • Stray Animal Care: help for strays. In many countries, strays are regarded with contempt and killed. Our projects to neuter strays help long-term. Neutering animals limits the number of strays and medical care prevents disease and epidemics.  
  • Animal disaster relief: natural catastrophes hit humans and animals alike. FOUR PAWS operates worldwide.  Our team rescues animals in disaster areas and so helps local people as well. 


  • FOUR PAWS campaigns uncover abuse in animal keeping and demonstrate alternatives.
  • We inform on animal welfare issues and demand animal-friendly living conditions for farm and domestic animals, as well as a ban on the private keeping of wild animals in captivity.
  • FOUR PAWS is a contact point for the media and consumers, representatives of politics and the economy.
  • FOUR PAWS operates independently of governments, political parties and economic interest groups.

our mission statement

The FOUR PAWS vision is a world in which people treat animals with respect, compassion and understanding.

Our mission: FOUR PAWS is a strong, global and independent voice for animals under direct human influence.

We offer sustainable solutions for animals in distress.
We reach people's hearts and change their consumer behaviour.
We bring about changes to legislation.
We enter strong partnerships.

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FOUR PAWS is funded exclusively by donations.

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